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I Am Free – Hard Cover Novel + CD

I Am Free is a 10-song , 10 Chapter novel and book, packaged as one.

Each of the 10 songs corresponds to one of the 10 chapters in the book.

Photographs of handwritten lyric sheets included.

I Am Free is some kind of masterpiece. I’m illumined, Del Suelo. More, please.” – Shelley A. Leedahl, SaskBooks Review
“When the project was released I took a copy home. My wife played it non-stop and promptly declared  that she needed four copies to send to her sisters as gifts. Erik (Del Suelo) is a big talent, a pleasure to have in the studio and a very cool guy.” – Brian Manz, Owner Blue Door Recording
“I really love this inspirational piece of art…A wonderful adventure.” –Julia Juniper, Kiel, Germany
“I found the book incredibly mature and universal. Everybody has a chance to take his/her life into his/her hands, but it is not possible to take this risk without courage…I really believe in the potential of this book, which provides real help for anyone who needs encouragement and support while looking for the right path.” –Viola Somogyi, Translator, Prague
“I Am Free took me on a little journey of self discovery. I laughed, I felt truth, I was entertained. The imagery was clear and Del shares it in such a simple yet soul inspiring way.” –A.M. – Regina, SK

“I couldn’t put it down — a real page turner”

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“I Am Free” – The Songs

I Am Free – 10 Tracks

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