2017. I think we’re living in something of an arts renaissance. So many of my peers are making ambitious and innovative art, finding success in all sorts of ways. It’s an amazing time to be creative.

I often hear people say “I was born in the wrong decade”, referring to the 60’s and 70’s, fetishizing eras of particular appeal.  But there is an often overlooked phenomenon that us Canadian millennials grew up with that no generation had before, nor will any generation likely have in the future: a cable TV channel dedicated to playing popular music.

I can’t speak for everyone, but the impact that MuchMusic had on me as pre-teen and teenager was immense. Until Napster showed up, I’m certain nothing impacted my generation of creatives in a deeper way. Having a 24-hour channel dedicated to curating music videos, live concerts, music news, and interviews, all-the-while supporting Can-con, was a really precious thing.

Sure, I saw more Ja Rule videos than I care to admit, and the Electric Circus wasn’t really my scene on a Friday night, but there was something magic about seeing a favourite music video coming up amidst the unifying, pop-culture conversation. Here I was exposed to a lot of different genres, ideas and cultural subtleties. Its probably why my new record is so stylistically diverse.

I know that there are satellite channels that stream videos 24/7 and there is the whole Youtube thing…but it’s simply not the same.

As I work my way through the new novel and album, I’m dreaming up what the next video might look like.  Making and watching these stupid things will remain a life-long passion.

A year ago we released this one. Please enjoy and share!

-Del Suelo